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Chemicals: What?

Hello!  Hope you are enjoying your summer!  I had an interesting experience lately.  I turned 66.  (Who does that?) – (Lol!)  For a Birthday treat I went with my Business Manger, Karen, to have a “Mani-Pedi.”  So wonderful – Feet in that relaxing hot water with the massage chair working my spine and someone else doing my nails.  Thought I was in Heaven!

But also…Chemicals to remove toe polish, Chemicals to apply the polish.  Plus, a few days later, we had torrential rain storms, causing soaked carpet in the basement. We tore up all the wet carpet, my husband, Jerry, diligently cut it up, and finally removed all the soaked mess.  Circulation fans were constantly moving the air, with a De-Humidifier to reduce the moisture.  That was fun.  So who knows what we were breathing in with that scenario!?

And then there was the tub. I could no longer stand the stains and calcium build up in the downstairs bath tub, so Lime Away came to the rescue.   I scrubbed and scrubbed the tub.  It looked “Marvelous… simply marvelous!”  It worked very well –  except that I had no ventilation in the basement bathroom. I did wear gloves, but no protective face mask!  That night, I started to cough and cough and cough.  I was full of horrible mucous exudate, used several boxes of Kleenex, couldn’t breath, could’t sleep… it was terrible.  My eyes looked like someone hit me.  My poor husband recommended sun glasses since my eyes looked so bad. He didn’t want to be the brunt of jokes with my swollen ugly eyes!

So what is my point?!  The Heart slows down then the Lungs fill up.  I didn’t know how toxic the Lime Away was and I was told after the fact, that you put the stuff on, let it soak, then rinse it away…obviously, with protective wear and good ventilation!  As a Clinical Nutritionist, I knew first to use nutrition to meet with the chemicals and take them out of the body.  Also, the Heart, the Spleen, the Liver, the Lung, and the Adrenals need support, which I did…and slept a lot.  (Just ‘conveniently’ happened over a week-end…phew)  The whole procedure took 3 days to heal.  Knowledge is power!

This is my final take on the whole thing.  We live in a sea of chemicals.  The air we breath, the food we eat, and the water we drink is full of them.  That’s why Doctors like me put you on Clinical Nutrition to help support the Adjustment you receive. After the adjusting the bone into proper alignment, it is then locked into place with Clinical Nutrition.  There is a connection between the activities and experiences we have to our health. Had I not known what to do, it may have been months of suffering and a very bad summer!

Do you work with chemicals?  Do you have a runny nose or watery eyes?  Life is too short to suffer.  The Chiropractic Adjustment will not only re-align the spine and relieve the Neuro-Muscular pain, but it will uplift the Auto-Immune System to rid you of those annoying Allergy symptoms.

Come and get loved on…and get rid of those awful chemicals!  Life is too short!    Be Blessed.    ~Dr. Lin


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