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Chiropractor: which one?

A few years ago I went thru a Divorce and had to hire an Attorney.  I found the cute one! Wrong answer!!!  There are many Attorneys with all kinds of expertise!  I was familiar with Personal Injury because of what I do as a Dr. of Chiropractic,  but did not understand that there were P.I. & Divorce  & Real Estate as well as Corporate Attorneys, etc.  I needed to hire the correct Attorney.  It’s much like putting a square peg into a round hole!   Nobody explained the difference!  I thought they all did the same thing.  But NO!

I remember being told as a young Chiropractor that there were several ways of taking out an appendix.  Each M.D. Establishes his or her own technique!

Well in Chiropractic there are several ways of adjusting the spine!  You as the patient have to establish your needs!  So often I hear about Patients who went to the Chiropractor but didn’t much care for the results.  So what did they do – they went to the M.D.   No! No! No!  That is Apples to Oranges!  If you don’t care for the Doctor of Chiropractic and their technique …well go to another Chiropractor!.  If you  are a Chiropractic case then nothing else will help you. You may get pain relief but not truly on your way back to health and may suffer  other side effects as a result.

There are Chiropractors that use a force technique where there is an audible sound. If you fell off a ladder and dislocated a knee cap, the pain is extensive, oh my does that hurt! However,  when the Doctor of Chiropractic adjusts the knee cap and puts it back into place, oh my there is a pain for an instant and then tremendous relief!  Many people prefer the forced adjustment.  They don’t feel like they have had an adjustment until they hear that nice sounding audible.  However…..

The non-Force Technique runs on the premise that a misaligned bone does not want to be out of proper juxtaposition. (Alignment) So when the Non-Force Practitioner,  Doctor of Chiropractic, analysed the specific direction of misalignment and introduces thrust into the joint, the bone wants to be in perfect alignment, and will innately return to normal.   In other words put the bone into movement in the correct direction and the bone itself will perfectly align.

I am a Non-Force Chiropractor.  I do some force adjustments.  It is the other techniques that we do here at Chicoine Peterson Chiropractic and Nutrition that helps to lock in the adjustment that our patients enjoy!  We will discuss those techniques on a later Blog.

So come and be a part of our Chiropractic Family at Chicoine Peterson Chiropractic And Nutrition. 824 Morningside Ave.  712-276-9700

Love & Blessings …..Dr.Lin


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