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Old Man Winter’s last hurrah!

Middle of April I was traveling home from a Seminar in Wisconsin! It was hopefully the last of “Old Man Winter” as Highway 20 was 80% blowing snow and covered with what looked like black ice! Scary!  What I do to “capture Knowledge!”  When there were good roads I started thinking about the weekend and the “Kenetic Energy Sequencing Seminar that I took in Cobb Wisconsin,  under Dr. Judith Dochnahl.  I learned about the Eneric Nervous System including: the Myenteric Plexus – motor innervation to the muscular layers of digestion & controls the digestive tract motility. (Moves things along!)  And I learned about the Submucosal Plexus which senses the envirnmental conditions of the lumen and regulates gastrointstinal blood flow as well as epithelia function.  This process takes our disgested food and introduces it into the blood stream.  This whole process is what feeds our bones – the finished product!  I learned how we can help this system to work and so much more…. I learned more about Sympathic Resoning Technique and more efficient ways of application for the “Light Therapy!”  How fabulous!  See you at 824 Morningside Ave.  Sioux City so I can help you Digest & Utilize thru Chiropractic And Sympathic Resoning! 712-276-9700.  Be Blessed…Dr.Lin


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