Can’t say enough good things. She, along with other healing modalities, has made a huge difference in my and my family’s health. Increased energy, vitality, healing of emotions and physical pain, sluggish thyroid, better vision, Dad’s heart palpitations, Mom’s arthritic thumb. A true Healer. Mom and dad were very hesitant at first and thought it was a bunch of fluff but they are believers now. You won’t be sorry if you follow her recommendations, it is worth every penny. She has also helped me fully recover from an auto accident. Love her energy; unlike some, she spends a lot of time doing a thorough exam and you are not rushed in and out of appointments. She will also help you be proactive with your health, finding and correcting any imbalances in your health (thyroid, heart, eyes, stomach, skin, blood pressure, cholesterol, stressed adrenals, energy levels, depression, allergies, anxiety, pain, flu/cold etc.) before they appear and cause symptoms. Any problems with your health – call her – she can fix it! You can skip your medical doctor, who will just cover up any symptoms with drugs… causing more side effects… drugging you to death. Don’t hesitate to call the office now and schedule an appointment!!
Gerald G.