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What about this word “Subluxation?”

I’m a second generation Chiropractor and I grew up with the term …”Subluxation.”  Many young  Doctors of Chiropractic never even use the term.  So often in discussion with New Patients who have seen other D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) have never even heard the word!  So So Sad!

Sub – meaning under, Lux – same as dislocation, and – Ation – meaning – pertaining to.  Ok so what is the controversy?   Medically the word Subluxation refers to a minor dislocation.  Chiropractically speaking it refers to a lock down.  So you see they are miles apart. Now why is Subluxation, the lock down, so important?  Some years ago I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Micheal Powers from Ceder Rapids Iowa, a Chiropractor who is a Function Neurologist.  He talked about how there was a study done where they took 20 college men of the same size and age group and did MRI’S on their brains.  Then 10 of the 20 had  casts put on their legs.  The young men went 2 weeks with the casts.  The casts were removed,  then they had  the MRI’S redone.  The findings were remarkable.  They had already lost brain material where the casts were.  So what does that tell us?  So glad you asked!  The cast acted like a lock down for the joint, no movement, no signals exchanged from the joint to the brain & vise versa.  Subluxation is a very serious situation.   There are 26 freely movable joints in the Spine acting as a bony protectant.  The ability of the Nerves which emanate from the Spine speak to all the Muscles & ligaments as well as having an influence on the Autonomic Nervous System (Nerves into all the organs).   What do you think happens if there is a lock down on one of those 26 freely movable spinal joints?  What happens if we put a rubber band on a finger and leave it for a while?  Turns red, then purple, and then black, and then what?  It falls off!  So the correction of Subluxation – (Chiropractic Definition) causes the brain to re-establish communication between the joint and itself thru the nervous system and everything that the nerve supplies, blood vessels, lymph vessels, organs, muscles, the bone itself, etc.   Dr. Judith Dochnal,  from Cobb, Wisconsin, the founder of Kenetic Energy Sequencing,  says “move to charge the bone.” So if there is subluxation the bone is not moving and the joint is not charging.  The repercussions include loss of range of motion, stiffness, pain, & weakness  Eventually even death to a part or maybe the whole body.

Come see us at Chicoine Peterson Chiropractic & Nutrition and be free of Subluxation!  When your spine is in align you feel fine.

Yours in health, love …Dr. Lin

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